emo Took days off work!

5 years 10 months ago #2117418

sep 12th to the 16th i have off, for the headstart. who all is playing and has headstart?

5 years 10 months ago #2117421

I happen to be off the 12th so I'll be on Fri-Sun that weekend. Should be more than enough time to lvl cap and place house.

5 years 10 months ago #2117422

Headstart begings at 10am PDT on Friday, so I'm going to work in the morning (I'm Eastern), and leave work by 11:30 to prepare. and I'll be taking Monday off also. I was supposed to go to a beerfest on that Saturday. But I'll probably skip haha.

Currently the people who I KNOW have headstart, are me, XD, Geek, Pandastar, Tyrael. Buuuut Slingshot, Nate, and Rel will all get it I'm sure. Malcies will get it. Falst is trying to get it. Other people are up in the air -- I know Pain mentioned checking it out, as did Prodigy. I've been talking to people trying to get more and more -- I expect to hit 10-15 people by release day, or shortly after.

We've been formulating an attack plan, and I've been talking to Shrike from SiN -- he wants to talk strategy sometime this weekend, so we may be allied, or have merge into one larger guild -- since I don't think any of us are going in with a massive force.

5 years 10 months ago #2117428

woohoo! oh cool shrike! well def ready to commit with the team. last mmo i played was shadowbane, well with a passion. i see this in archeage. again ill see if i can collect the others who played with us in shadowbane. i'd recruit ppl from work if things work out, at least we can make an alliance, by things working out, same server and faction. they were on same server and faction on beta. so they might stick that route.

5 years 10 months ago #2117430

Well we will need as many as we can get. Like I said in my other post, I'm trying to recruit also.

I put up the ArcheAge private section, and I'll start putting info and what our current start is in there. I'll allow people to chime in with their own comments so we can decide what we want to do.

5 years 10 months ago #2117462

I requested off from the 12th to whatever available vacation time I had left, should get about 6-7 days off. Might not be able to start vacation on the 12th, in that case it will start on Mon the 15th.