So I'm trying out a new voice chat setup, called Discord.

It seems pretty nice. I setup a widget for people to use to try and connect with -- feel free to mess with it by clicking connect and setting up an account -- and seeing how things go.

I'm still learning how this works, but so far it seems like a pretty decent setup, and once the API is ready, I could potentially set it up so the chat on the website is integrate with the chat in Discord. It has chat channels like IRC, as well as voice channels -- SiN is apparently using this.

You can have multiple channels open at once too, which is nice, IE I'm connected to my Saecula channel I created, and the SiN channel. It apparently has a pretty decent mobile app too, check it out.



Or click the widget on the main page.



Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by Spermy #2117975
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Permanent Discord link. For now. Ill take it away eventually.
Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by Spermy #2117942
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That link will also get you invited. There's a web app, or a desktop app.
Once you join up I think I can create you as a member of the server and you'll actually be able to do stuff. I'm not really sure, still experimenting so I need ppl to come in and play while I'm around to learn stuff.

That link will only work for the next 24 hours I think.