• Ashes of Creation

    Ashes of Creation

    An upcoming game, Ashes of Creation, has recently started it's Kickstarter campaign. Check the news article for more information.
  • Steam Summer Sale 2016

    Steam Summer Sale 2016

    It's that wonderful time of the year again.
  • Black Desert Online

    Black Desert Online

    Black Desert Online head start begins this Sunday at 3am EST, full release March 3rd.
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  • Changes Coming... Changes coming in 2020... We're approaching 25 years since this guild was formed on Kali in 1995. I think it's time for a site revamp in my spare time. While we aren't as active Read More
  • Ashes of Creation A new upcoming MMO is in pre-production, with basically a working prototype created, that looks like it could be quite promising. It is a ways off from release, right now speculation has Alpha phase Read More
  • It's that time of year again... You know what I'm talking about... Read More
  • BDO Head Start Impressions First off, before I get into discussing my impressions or thoughts on the game, I wanted to ask that anyone who is getting 7 day passes tomorrow -- if you don't need them, feel free Read More
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